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Brass material Air Silencer BESL Type Pneumatic Muffler 358047

1.Low Price
2.Convenient Adjustment
3.Long Operational life span
4.High Withstand voltage

SKU: 358047

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Brass material Air Silencer BESL Type Pneumatic Muffler :

SKU         358047 358048 358049 358050 358051 358052
Name Air Silencer
Material   Brass      
Inlet Length 6.5mm 7.5mm  8.5mm 8.5mm - -
Diameter  12mm 12mm 16mm 20mm - -
Inlet Size   1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Total Length 35.5mm 36.5mm 45mm 49mm - -
Nut Diameter   12mm 14mm 17mm 21mm - -
Model   BESL-01/BESL-02/BESL-03/BESL-04/BESL-06/BESL-08

1.The product surface is nickel-plated to ensure the appearance of beauty
and eliminate the harmful substances inside the body of the infringement.
2.These products have various size for selection.
3.The casing throttle valve is high in withstand voltage and safety.
4.The casing throttle valve has good quality and long operational life span.
5.The casing throttle valve is corrosion-resistance and anti-corrosive.
6.The casing throttle valve is convenient in adjustment.
7.It has beautiful appearance in brass.
8.The price of casing throttle valve is low. 



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