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CJ2B pneumatic cylinder Double Action or Single Action Type 357060

1.Good corrosion resistance
2.Large output force
3.Smooth tube wall
4.Strong adaptability 

SKU: 357060

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CJ2B pneumatic cylinder Double Action or Single Action Type :

SKU          357060 357061 357062
Bore 6 10 16
Working Medium Air
Motion Pattern Double Action/Single Action Extrusion Type/Single Action Drawing-In Type
Ensured Pressure Resistance 1.05Mpa(1.05kgf/cm2)
Max.Pressure 0.7Mpa(7.1kgf/cm2)
Min.Pressure 0.25Mpa(2.5kgf/cm2) 0.15Mpa(1.5kgf/cm2)
Operating Temperature Range -10-70℃
Operating Speed Range 50-750mm/s
Buffering Both Side Rubber Buffer(Standard)
Port Size M5×0.8

1.It has stronge adaptability and can adapt to a variety of harsh environments.
2.It is precision machining and the tube wall is smooth.
3.It has large output force which is proportional to the square of the cylinder diameter.
4.The material is stainless steel which has good corrosion resistance. 



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