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MA rod cylinder Double Action Type 357142

1.High strength
2.Reliable connection
3.Smooth inner wall
4.Fixed type anti-collision pad 

SKU: 357142

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MA rod cylinder Double Action Type :

SKU          357142 357143 357144 357145 357146
Bore 16 20 25 32 40
Motion Pattern Double Action
Working Medium Air
Operating Pressure   0.1-0.9Mpa(1-9kgf/cm2)
Ensured Pressure Resistance  1.35Mpa(13.5kgf/cm2)
Operating Temperature   -5-70℃
Buffer Type   No
Port Size   M5 1/8"

1.It is precision machined and inner wall of the cylinder is smooth.
2.The material is stainless steel which can resist corrosion and increase life.
3.It use high precision stainless steel body, so the strength is high.
4.The connection is reliable because of the riveting roll package structure that
the front and rear cover and the stainless steel body adopt.
5.The front and rear cover with fixed type anti-collision pad can reduce the reversing
impact of the cylinder. 



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