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Plastic Air Silencer TPSL type Pneumatic Muffler 358034

1.Good exhaust effect
2.Small exhaust resistance
3.Good breathability
4.Good silencer effect 

SKU: 358034

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Plastic Air Silencer TPSL type Pneumatic Muffler :

SKU        358034 358035 358036 358037 358038 358039 358040
Name Air Silencer
Material Plastic
Inlet Length  - 7mm 10.5mm 13mm 13.5mm - -
Diameter - 15mm 15mm 24.8mm 30mm - -
Inlet Size   M5 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Total Length   - 37mm  41mm 84.5mm 93.3mm - -
Nut Diameter  - 21mm 26mm - -
Model   TPSL-01/TPSL-02/TPSL-03/TPSL-04

1.It has multilayer structure which can adapt to the low frequency of high school
central noise and high flow rate of noise requirements.
2.The foam keeps good softness whether the temperature rise or fall.
3.It has various size for selection.
4.The silencer effect of this product is good.
5.This product is washable and easy to dry.
6.It can deoil from the gas and reduce noise.
7.This product is filed with gas and has good breathability.
8.It has good exhaust effect and small exhaust resistance. 



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