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SI air piston cylinder Double Action Type 357009

1.Strong adaptability
2.Move quickly
3.Small noise
4.High reliability 

SKU: 357009

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SI air piston cylinder Double Action Type :

SKU           357009 357010 357011 357012 357013 357014 357015 357016 357017 357018 357019
Bore  32 40   50 63 80  100   125 160 200  250  320 
Motion Pattern   Double Action
Working Medium  Air
Fixed Type   Nomal Type/FA/FB/CA/CB/SDB/LB
Working Pressure Range  0.1-0.9Mpa
Ensured Pressure Resistance  1.35Mpa
Operating Temperature Range   -5-70℃
Operating Speed Range  50-800mm/s
Buffer type  Adjustable Buffer
Buffer Stroke 24     32     
Port Size G1/8" G1/4" G3/8" G1/2" G3/4" G1"

1.The ability to extend a range of faeture by displacing related parts makes practical easier.
2.There is no "leak" danger and high reliability.
3.There is no need for additional pressure devices, so the noise is very small.
4.It can move quickly and react quickly.
5.It has strong adaptability and can adapt to a variety of harsh environments.



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