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Spindle Type or Roloc Type Clean and Strip Disc 612422

1.Good heat dissipation
2.Good uniformity
3.High efficienty
4.Good  elasticity

SKU: 612422

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Spindle Type or Roloc Type Clean and Strip Disc :

SKU        612422 612423 612424 612425
Name Clean and Strip Disc
Diameter 50mm(2") 75mm(3") 100mm(4") 150mm(6")
Material SIC
Base Nylon
Hole Punch No hole, 1hole
Grit 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 240, 320, 400
Thickness Customization
Color Black, Purple, Blue, Customization
Shape Round

1.The color and thickness can be customized upon the actual needs.
2.There are various sizes can be chosen.
3.It is widely applied to the polishing, drawing and surface treating of
various workpieces.
4.It has big gap and good elasticity due to the three-dimensional structure.
5.It has good heat dissipation.
6.It has good uniformity and high efficiency.



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