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MGP air cylinder parts Double Action Type 357190

1.Long life
2.Stable balance performance
3.Hard anode treatment
4.Various specifications 

SKU: 357190

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MGP air cylinder parts Double Action Type :

SKU                357190 357191 357192 357193 357194 357195 357196 357197 357198 357199
Bore 12 16 20 25 32 40 50 63 80 100
Motion pattern   Air
Fluid    Double Action
Max.Pressure    1.0Mpa
Min.Pressure    0.12Mpa 0.1Mpa
Environment and Fluid temp -10-60℃
Piston Speed   50-1000mm/s
Buffer   Both Ends Buffer
Margin of Stroke Length Error   0+1.5mm
Oil Feed    Not Need
Bearing   Slide Bearing/Ball Guide Bearing

Precision of Piston
Rod Non-Rotating   

Slide Bearing  ±0.08° ±0.07° ±0.06° ±0.05° ±0.04°
Ball Guide Bearing ±0.10° ±0.09° ±0.08° ±0.06° ±0.05°
Port Size    M5×0.8  1/8" 1/4" 3/8"

1.The cylinder which has hard anode treatment is wear-resistant and has long life.
2.Tower screws have more stable balance performance.
3.There is a variety of product specifications available here.
4.Magnetic switch without clapboard can be directly installed.
5.The short guide rod is shorten and the end plate thickness is changed which make the quality reduced. 



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