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Pneumatic Drill

    The pneumatic drill our factory produced is a kind of hand-hold air tools. The pneumatic drill is mainly used for the drilling holes into metal materials. It’s especially suitable for drilling into the light-metal alloy materials or thin walls. These pneumatic drill can be apply to appliance manufacturing industries, house decorating industries, ship manufacturing industries, automobile manufacturing industries, aerospace and aviation industries. These pneumatic drills are also suitable for maintaining industries. According to the different request for machining precision, we provide you many different size of the pneumatic drills. These pneumatic drills can drilling holes in different metal or wooden materials. These air tools are not only high speed but also high efficiency. They can reduce the working pressure easily. Also these pneumatic drills do operate easy and safe, it can adjust to different rotation speed for your need. These pneumatic drills also could use as air screwdrivers, air die grinder, tire repair machine, etc. These pneumatic drills have high power without spark. They are safer than other power tools. They can used in gas mine. These pneumatic drills have small size and lightweight, they can portable carry and easy use. Also the special design for this pneumatic drills can makes a lower noise with high comfortable feeling. We have so many kinds of pneumatic drills, such as straight pneumatic drill and gun type pneumatic drill. The customer could choose any kinds you need. The simple design of these pneumatic drills brings a comfortable sensation for user. Special design of handle and pneumatic drill body make the pneumatic drill focus on the point easily and reduce worker’s fatigue. Also we have add a control device on the pneumatic drills for change the direction of rotation and makes the operation process more easily. These pneumatic drills can use in different working situation and environments. Also the pneumatic drills can use for drilling, honing and reaming. Quickly, steady and efficiently. The fixing device for the chunk, make the pneumatic drills safe and durable. Exhaust design can blow down the dust easy and develop the working efficiency and human comfort level. Some of the pneumatic drills have special auxiliary handle, it can develop the working efficiency and make the operation easier. Simple operation, high efficiency and precision chunk makes the pneumatic drill become more popular. Planetary gear reduction balances the load and increases power. Heavy duty ball and needle bearing. More power and longer life. Powerful choice for drilling, holing and sawing. Different of the pneumatic drills can use for DIY market and professional market.

Usage and maintenance:

    First, pls sure the max air pressure is lower than 0.63mpa. In case of the abrasion and reduced life span of pneumatic drill, do not let the pneumatic drill free running for a long time under the high pressure. Also pls remember to configure a suitable air filter and water-oil separator in the pipeline. It can ensure the compressed air is clean and the air inlet is lubricated.  Before the work start, lubricate the air inlet by drop a little lubricating oil. It can help to lubricate to the engine and other components. And the maintenance is also very important. But the maintenance time is based on the use of frequency. Repair or replace the damaged parts in regular maintenance. After the routine maintenance, clean all the parts and reassemble the pneumatic drill. Filling up the 20# mechanical oil to the motor, and filling up 2# lubricating grease for the several parts like bearings and gears. Do not rough the pneumatic drill and prohibit use it over the scope of technical data. If you want to keep it into the warehouse storage, injecting suitable 20# mechanical oil and turn on the pneumatic drill, make sure the from the lubricating oil is filling into the engine. These process can reduce the corrosion of the parts in pneumatic drill.